62 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

So you are willing to remodel your small bathroom while you are on a limited budget, well, we come to give you a solution through the ideas of small bathroom remodel on a budget. Don’t worry if you have only a limited budget since it isn’t totally a problem. 

There are still so many ways how to remodel your small bathroom. Due to the small size, you don’t need to do more dealing with the remodel idea. Firstly you can consider replacing the wall painting. Pint the wall based on the color scheme you choose in your new design.  Later, you can create a wall mounted rack for storage of the bathing equipment. Wall mounted rack is space saving, thus, it would be suitable for small bathroom. 

Additionally, you can add a brighter lighting so that the space will likely look wider. Some small DIY decoration will beautify your small bathroom without the need to spend money. This way you can create your own plastic flower and other decoration that you can make by yourself.  To help you easily find the ideas, here are the small bathroom remodel ideas you can check out.

62 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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