Packing For The African Safari Holiday

The fundamental factor to keep in mind would be to travel light!

Be sure to Have along with you:

Valid passport

Valid visa – if needed

Another picture identification (e.g. driver’s licence)

Photocopy of passport page to hold in wallet

Air tickets

Expense money

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan

Dressing for Safaris

On safari, many people put on shorts along with a T-shirt throughout the day and set on lengthy sleeved shirts and lengthy pants at night for warmth in addition to defense against nasty flying bugs. For anyone who is particularly responsive to the sun’s rays a loose cotton kit is essential throughout the day. Khaki, brown, olive and beige colours are perfect for and safaris and game walks.

White-colored isn’t a appropriate colour of these activities, because it increases your visibility to wildlife you need to get a closer inspection at and it’ll get dirty very rapidly. Fleece or sweater along with a windbreaker for game drives, since it is highly possible that you might embark on a warm day, but be confronted with a chill evening in your return. Keep in mind that layering your clothing could keep you warmer than counting on one thick item.