Architectural Firms: Major Services

Architectural firms around the world are offering a wide range of services. There are many different types of architectural firms that are specialized in specific domains of construction. 

Some firms offer only services related to designing while others offer both services related to designing and technical work. Most architectural firms, however, complete construction projects from start to finish. Stendel Reich architecture for data centers is among such architectural services. Some of the major services that full-service architectural firms provide include the following:

  • Pre-Design Services

Pre-design services comprise preliminary analyses. Some architectural firms offer the services of feasibility study, budgeting, programming, and zoning analysis. 

In most cases, pre-design services are only needed for large projects, such as constructing data centers. It is important to note that not all architectural firms are experts in pre-designing. 

For example, some architectural firms depend on zoning consultants for zoning analyses. 

  • Designing Services

The architectural designing process consists of two phases: schematic designing, which is a basic design, and design development, which is a detailed and comprehensively planned design. 

Designing includes figuring out what to include in the final project and what not to. Good architectural firms are always future-oriented in their designs. They anticipate the future needs of their clients and design accordingly. 

  • Interior Design

Many architectural firms are specifically experts only in designing interiors. If an architectural firm is not specialized in interior designing people will hire separate interior design firms. That’s why most big architectural firms design both exteriors and interiors.

  • Engineering Consultancy

Engineering consultants are very important for getting construction projects right. Some people prefer hiring separate Structural and MEP engineers, while others prefer hiring architectural firms that have their own engineering consultants. 

So, it’s recommended to see if the engineering consultancy service is included in the architectural firm that you hire for your project.

  • Construction Administration

Architectural firms also provide supervision services on construction projects. They have architects who are specifically assigned the duty to visit the job site periodically and answer questions, note down the issues, and deal with them. The purpose of construction administration is to ensure that everything is going right. 


Architectural firms have made constructing large and highly complex buildings very easy. They offer many services, including but not limited to constructing industrial distribution centers, plants, food processing offices, general offices, building interiors, and commercial shopping centers. 

No matter your purpose, if you’re planning to build any structure, corner with reputable architecture firms.

Jackie Taylor