Ceramic tiles and their benefits: Is it a hoax?

Ceramic tiles are the ultimate champions for home renovation. Whether it’s your bathroom that has your attention or your kitchen has been grabbing your eyes due to its obsolete look, ceramic tiles have you covered in a lot of ways. 

This quick post will be an interesting read that’ll take you through the many ways in which ceramic tiles will transform your kitchen, bathrooms, and more!

How do ceramic tiles transform a house?

When there’s something that offers variety without compromising the quality, you shouldn’t look left and right. That’s exactly what ceramic tiles do! 

The following pointers will walk you through the ways in which these tiles can transform your entire house. 

  1. Variety makes ceramic tiles the king 

The Céramique au Sommet tiles are probably the best ceramic tiles in Montreal. The variety of their products is staggering. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cost-effective options: Romeo, Cetim, Paonazettoo, Veneziane, and more.
  • Designer tiles: Mimics of concrete, marble, and wood. Other popular options include retro tiles, the reasons collection, and more.

You can also find ceramic tiles in different colors and shapes. Whether you have a thing for glossy tiles, matte tiles, semi-glossy tiles, or semi-polished tiles, there’s nothing that ceramic manufacturers can’t bring to life. 

  1. Don’t be scared of experimenting

Don’t let the risk of staining or scratching worry you because high-quality Soligo ceramic and others alike won’t break or crack so easily. 

One of the most wonderful properties of ceramic is that it doesn’t absorb liquid (it’s impervious to a great, great extent). Naturally, it won’t catch stains since the liquid won’t be able to creep within the tiles. 

Moreover, even if you drag furniture on the ceramic floor (though, we do not imply that it’s ok to drag furniture), it won’t sustain scratches that easily. Neither will ceramic tiles entirely shatter if you drop something accidentally. 

3. Go bold with the walls and floor 

Ceramic tiles aren’t restricted to just the floor. You can use them as a backsplash for bathrooms and mosaics for kitchens. Either way, they will protect the walls in a lot of ways. 

  1. Backsplash for bathrooms: They will protect the wall from moisture since they won’t let water seep within. 
  2. Mosaics for kitchens: Stains from food or heat from the gas stove won’t harm ceramic tiles, protecting the wall behind. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Although the benefits of ceramic tiles are quite exemplary, these tiles have a certain capacity too. For example, don’t keep a hot pan on top of them time and again just because they are highly resistant to flame and abrasion. 

As long as you respect the limits of a certain material, it lasts for a long time. 

Joseph Morales