Hot Tubs for Every Lifestyle

Every day we expose ourselves to significant stressors physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether having a challenging day at work or handling a difficult situation with your family, having a quality hot tub in your patio or backyard gives you the chance to relax and ease those overwhelming feelings after a long day.

At Hearthside Fireplace and Patio, we provide a range of free flow spas that have different features and price levels to fit practically any lifestyle. Our advanced manufacturing method drastically reduces the cost of introducing a hot tub into your backyard while still getting the benefit of features like ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects, and much more.

These are plug-and-play products that only require a GFCI power outlet which is available on the exterior of most homes. All of our hot tub products are state of the art and require very little maintenance or energy use to enjoy.

How Does a Free Flow Spa Improve My Life?

There are numerous benefits to having a hot tub as part of your daily routine, including:

Improving Your Health

There are significant health benefits to owning and operating a hot tub in your backyard. Not only do they reduce inflammation in the body and help illuminate stress, but they can also prevent some illnesses and encourage you to live an overall healther lifestyle. This is especially true for anyone who engages in routine exercise or sports that needs more recovery time by soaking in warm water. Our free flow hot tubs include Hydrotherapeutic jets that feel like a massage when they’re against your body.

Better Relationships 

Including free flow spas in your backyard design or outdoor space creates a more social environment. Your friends, family, and significant others will want to come around more often because they get to enjoy your company as well as a relaxing soak in a hot tub.

This also refers to romantic relationships. It can be enjoyable to hang out with your partner in the evening with only the hot tub lights on and a cool drink to enjoy together during the peace and quiet of your backyard space. Having these moments create fond memories for you to look back upon and build the foundation of a rewarding relationship.

A Place to Escape

We spend so much of our time plugged into social media or handling different situations in our family and careers that we often neglect our own personal self-care. Having a space at our home designated just for relaxation is a great way to create an escape away from the things that add stress to our lives. This is like having our own personal oasis where we can allow our minds to relax and re-center our focus so that we have the energy and determination to attack our goals the following day.

Where to Find Free Flow Spas?

At Hearthside Fireplace and Patio, we have been serving the greater Rhode Island and Massachusetts areas with multiple locations that are easy to access. Our sales team understands the detailed features and benefits of installing a free flow spa into your home or patio area.

To learn more or hear about the different price levels available, please visit our free flow spa section of our website or call us and schedule a consultation. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about improving your lifestyle with the addition of a custom-manufactured hot tub.

Joseph Morales