How to Maintain Attractive Flooring in your Home 

If you have pets, there are primarily two things you can do to maintain the condition of your home’s floors. The first choice is to spend money on flooring suitable for pets. In that situation, extremely high pile carpets and delicate tiles are not under consideration. The alternative is to shield your current floors so they can survive the pitter-patter of small paws. 

This solution from Proximity Mills is perfect for people who do not wish to replace their flooring entirely but also do not wish them to be damaged. Is it feasible to maintain beautiful floors in your house even if you have pets? Yes, as you can see from the information below. 

  1. Carpeting that is stain-resistant

If your pet is prone to messes, carpet may not be the best choice for your flooring. However, if you must have carpet, make sure it has outstanding stain-resistance qualities. However, if it does, even the nicest carpet will ultimately become damaged due to frequent mishaps. It is impossible to clean the flooring again after the padding underneath the carpet has gotten so soaked and dirty. You are probably already aware of these facts if you own a dog or cat. If at all possible, avoid carpeting in areas of the home where pets are present. 

  1. Flooring options for pets

When it comes to choosing pet-friendly flooring for your house, you have a lot of fantastic alternatives. There are many wonderful alternatives available if you’re upgrading and want to improve your house with flooring that can survive the assault of four-legged companions. Some would advise against using carpeting at all. Rest assured that many wonderful carpet types available. A durable Berber or carpet having a relatively low pile length will be guaranteed to withstand time as well as damage from your dogs, cats, and other pets. 

  1. Taking Care of Your Floors 

There are alternatives if your present floors aren’t able to withstand the damage that your dog causes them. For areas where your pets prefer to spend the most of their time, wool carpet tiles would be a great alternative. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes. If a tile has become very dirty, it may easily be thrown away and replaced; for minor spills, these tiles are easily washable. Another excellent choice is vinyl tiles. They are replaceable and secured to the liners with spray-on adhesives. 

The bottom line is that owning a pet while having fashionable, eye-catching floors don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Always choose pet-friendly flooring that can withstand wear and tear on its own. 

Jackie Taylor