How To Make Your Moving Eco-Friendly? 

Setting up shop in a new place or finally making your dream home your own sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You’re finally one step closer to achieving your goals. However, its always the journey to the destination that seems difficult. And this time, we are not even making puns! We are literally talking about the journey to your new place, aka, THE MOVING!! 

If you’ve done this before, lets just agree moving is stressful. There’s a lot of organizing to do, a lot of inventory making, AND a lot of disposing off waste or unwanted items. Now, what if we told you, we can make your moving not just easy but eco-friendly too! 

Our Removalists from Adelaide shares some of the best ways to reduce waste while moving- 

Recycling is Key 

We are not just talking about pre-used boxes or boxes made of recycled cardboard. We are talking recycling white goods. Instead of discarding that old sofa or throwing away that used wooden table, you can easily donate your furniture or other items that are no longer of use to you. If you want to make some money on the side, hold a garage sale. If your furniture is from IKEA, this is the right time to levy their buy back policy. If the items are absolutely dilapidated and beyond use, you can always contact charity shops or the local council for a free curb

side pickup. 

Take Care of The E-Waste and Batteries

Being careless with the disposal of your E-waste, disposable batteries, old outmoded mobile phones can not only be harmful for the environment but for the neighbours in and around your home too. Make sure you follow proper disposal strategies to discard them off safely. 

Use Blankets Instead of Bubble Wraps 

In order to make your moving more eco-friendly, switch to towels, blankets, and linens when packing your fragile items instead of bubble wraps. This is a great way of repurposing your towels and blankets for the move while keeping an eye out for Mother Nature. 

Ask Your Removalists for Help 

When hiring movers from Adelaide to shift homes, make sure you keep these few pointers in mind if you’re looking for a greener shift! 

  • Make sure products, equipment, packing supplies, and more used by them are eco-friendly in nature. 
  • Go paperless when you’re filling in forms or addresses. You can always visit their official website and document all your transactions or forms digitally. 
  • Many removalists from Adelaide are in touch with the local council and you can cash in on their network to make sure items that are no longer needed by you are safely being donated or disposed off. 

Going environment friendly guarantees sustainability and durability in the long run which is why, if you have moving plans in mind, going green can be quite a power move.

Jackie Taylor