How to remove blood stains from the upholstered furniture

Blood stains that appear on the upholstered furniture like armchairs or couches are difficult to clean. Blood is quickly absorbed into the material and coagulates, resulting in persistent contamination. To quickly remove such a stain, it is advisable to order trauma scene cleanup services which will help to get rid of blood spills and restore the furniture. The experts can do the job better than you, however you can try to clean blood yourself if there is a little spot on your couch.

Speaking of cleaning blood from a sofa upholstered in natural fabric, it is necessary to keep the right temperature of the water that will be used for cleaning. To remove red spots you should use only cold water because warm liquid accelerates the process of protein coagulation, due to which the pollution components go deeper in the fabric. It is better to apply all types of solutions from a spray bottle, which will prevent the appearance of streaks on the upholstery.

If you need to clean a fresh blood stain, use clean and cold water. Soak a cloth in it or apply from a spray bottle and then wipe the area with a damp sponge. Make movements from the edges to the center, otherwise the area of contamination will increase. Remember you can try to clean a small blood stain this way. If there are bigger stains or blood spills on your couch, you’d better use trauma scene cleanup services. Tap water can be replaced with carbonated mineral water, which will speed up the process of separating the components of pollution from the upholstery. Remember the rules for cleaning a sofa made of velour, suede, leather and other materials. As a rule, the manufacturer applies a label with information regarding proper cleaning on upholstered furniture. Marking W, S and SW means that the material can be safely cleaned with solvents, as well as water-based products. If X is marked on the label, you can’t clean such upholstery cannot by yourself. In the latter case, it is necessary to order dry cleaning of furniture by contacting a specialized company.

How to get rid of old blood stains on the upholstered furniture using hydrogen peroxide

You can get rid of this type of organic stains using hydrogen peroxide. This product gently cleans the upholstery. Even professional trauma scene cleanup services use this method. Peroxide can be used for velour, silk, wool, cotton  and other materials, however, you should first do a quick test:

  • apply a small amount of peroxide to an inconspicuous area of ​​the upholstery;
  • leave the product for 10-20 minutes and then check the reaction.

If the fabric is not discolored, you can proceed to remove the stain:

  • using a cotton pad, apply a small amount of peroxide to the contamination;
  • wipe the treated area with a damp sponge.

Hydrogen peroxide effectively removes blood from mattresses, upholstered furniture, clothes.

Remember that you can  remove only insignificant blood contamination on your own. When it comes to serious traumas or murder leaving behind huge blood spills, the cleaning job must be performed by  trauma scene cleanup professionals only. They use special equipment, certified cleaning products and and consumables to do the cleaning efficiently. Trauma scene cleanup service will not only remove blood stains but also eliminate odor and disinfect the whole apartment.

Jackie Taylor