Know More About Commercial Combination Ovens

The combi-oven is considered by the majority of chefs and cooks to be the “must-have” piece of equipment in today’s commercial kitchen and it is available in leading oven store. It is the most adaptable piece of equipment. It has progressed from simple manual models with three cooking modes—convection, steam, and a combination of the two—to multi-program ovens with cutting-edge technology like the Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Center and Air-O-Steam ovens.

The advantages of the combi oven are undeniable. Combination ovens are powerful and complete, able to perform a variety of cooking processes, including roasting, poaching, grilling, steaming, and baking, with outstanding results. Cutting-edge combi-stoves cut back on shrinkage and energy bringing about gigantic investment funds to the administrator.

Choosing a Combination Oven: Today, chefs and caterers have a wide selection of models to choose from, each with a different level of sophistication. However, there are two manufacturers that stand out as market leaders: Electrolux professional and rational UK. Because it is an investment and should reflect your needs, choosing the right oven is so important. Choose a leading brand if you want perfect cooking results, the ability to store those results, and stored menus. The same holds true if you only want to steam and are looking for a basic convection oven. To meet the requirements of any kind of operation, both manufacturers offer a range that includes manual and programmable ovens. These ovens can be used in large-scale banquets with a cook-chill system or in smaller restaurants with their multi-functionality.

Rational ovens: Rational was the company that developed the technology in the year 1976. The initial combi-steamers were difficult to use and had manual controls. According to its managing director, “the chef must enter all the cooking parameters with a manual model, including time, temperature, and load.” The chef initiates preset programs in a programmable model by setting the cooking requirements.”

Electrolux professional ovens: Ovens According to an executive training chef, using such a “highly intelligent piece of kit” has numerous advantages. “He adds that earlier models of programmable appliances only had nine programs, each of which contained approximately three steps. Now they have 1,000 programs, each of which contains 100 steps or cooking phases.” Using the USB port, stored programs can be transferred between different ovens, making it even easier for chefs who have multiple kitchens or ovens.”

However, it is essential to match the oven to your requirements to avoid spending money on features you won’t use.

Settling on the best decision:

Manual or Programmed – contrasting a manual model and a cutting-edge stove is a bit like looking at a top of the reach vehicle, with a programmed gearbox, journey control, and underlying satnav, with a fundamental model with none of these highlights. The automatic model makes sense if you have multiple locations serving the same menus because you can transfer stored menus between ovens and save them to a USB memory stick, ensuring consistent cooking results at all locations. Programmable combi ovens are suitable for just about every catering operation, take-out outlet, and fish and chip shop. We also need to consider the user and the environment in which they work.

Clare Louise