The Basics Of Having A Lock Up And Leave Property

There is an understandable appeal to having a home described as lock up and leave. Residents with such properties are able to venture off with little care, knowing that their home will not require upkeep or checking in while they’re gone. They are free from the limitations of homes that require maintenance, such as those with curated garden spaces or those which require regular surveillance.

For many, having such a property that can be left without worry is highly desirable. These days, interest in travel is growing and more people are enjoying last-minute getaways than ever before, many of which are only possible because properties can safely be left without concern.

For those who currently feel burdened by their gardens and homes, there is hope. Lock up and leave is a scale, with some homes needing more regular maintenance than others and, thankfully, there are many ways to make a property more suitable for those who enjoy jet-setting or would like the freedom to leave more easily.

Gardens Growing

One of the most demanding aspects of a property is usually the garden. This is because outdoor spaces are exposed to the elements and, for those with room for growth, have the inclination to welcome weeds and even require ongoing maintenance, such as strimming and mowing. Tackling this responsibility is the first step toward being able to step away easily.

Low maintenance garden design includes swapping grass and soil for concrete and other less temperamental surfaces, which isn’t always ideal for those who enjoy nature. However, with the inclusion of raised garden beds, plant pots, and the possibility to buy log cabins, there are many ways a garden can easily retain its natural aesthetic and bounty without the need for ongoing maintenance.

There are also a number of modern tools that can help to maintain a garden while homeowners are away, from the traditional sprinkler to the even more impressive robot mower.

Staying Secure

It is the security of one’s property that most often prevents residents from feeling totally comfortable spending time away from their property. Knowing that valuables are being left unattended is difficult and while living in a residential area, one with active and friendly neighbours, can help, it is not always enough.

Thankfully, there are a number of technological advancements that offer a remedy to the situation. Home cameras are available in many shapes and sizes, with many suiting even a modest budget while also connecting to a mobile device. This means that homeowners can monitor their homes freely when away and even receive notifications of any movement should an intrusion or event, such as flooding, occur.

Other assets, such as smart doorbells, also make it easier to maintain a presence. Doorbells, for example, now allow residents to respond to visitors from across the world, seeing and interacting with them through their smart devices.

For those wanting to escape during winter, there are also options for smart boilers, which allow for systems to be preprogrammed or remotely instructed to activate at certain times. This means that even when away for long periods of time, a property’s pipes can be heated to prevent freezing.

Jackie Taylor