Which Garage Door Style is Right for Your Home? 

Your garage door is your home’s public face. If your overhead door overlooks the road, it significantly influences your property’s curb appeal. All of this makes a garage door replacement a major undertaking. So, how do you choose which garage door is best for your home? When it pertains to overhead doors, there are four basic styles to choose from. Learning more about each one can provide you with fresh ideas and enable you to make the ideal option for your property.

Traditional Style
Traditional overhead doors are made of wood or steel and come in long, short, ribbed, or flush forms. Adding windows that complement your home is a stylish bespoke option that significantly improves the exterior appeal of your door.

Carriage Style
A carriage-style overhead door may provide a historical touch to your property. These doors come in steel, faux wood natural, and composite wood.

You may also select whether your overhead door folds, glides, or swings open to show the garage within. Carriage-style doors might not always suit all styles of homes, but they may add a stunning, one-of-a-kind touch to the perfect one.

Modern Style
If you’d like an overhead door that is as distinctive as you are, a modern-style door is the way to go. The sleek design of a full-view aluminum overhead door will create a style you won’t find anyplace else in the area.

Innovative Style
Innovative overhead doors enable you to introduce Italian elegance to your home in North America. The Trento’s one-of-a-kind design eliminates the need for rails, springs, or tracks, and the two-section doors use an efficient counterbalance mechanism for a simple, efficient open-close mechanism.

Innovative overhead doors are available in a broad range of designs and are an appealing option for almost any property.

Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Style
Here are some tips for selecting an overhead door that will match your property flawlessly.
Choose The Ideal Material
The material you pick may make or break your overhead door, and it can be the difference between a life of problem-free operation or a life of frustrations and wasted money. It’s critical that you start with the appropriate overhead door material. Aside from strength, durability, and maintenance, you must ensure that the material complements your property.

Consider the Style of Your Home
When selecting new custom garage doors, you should certainly choose one that complements the architecture of your home. Choosing an overhead door that complements your house is more than just selecting a good color and material; you must also consider how the style and any exposed hardware will affect the overall appearance of your property.

Don’t Forget About Usability
An overhead door is frequently the most used entrance point in most houses. It’s also your home’s heaviest and largest moving object. This implies that you must ensure that the door you choose is of good enough quality to withstand this extensive usage, or you will have to replace it soon.

Find a reliable garage door company to assist you in selecting the ideal overhead door that compliments the style of your house while ensuring safety and functionality. Contact Custom Carriage House Doors now to discover more about your overhead door options and to evaluate which door is best for your property.


Joseph Morales