Why are Jodi Apartments Becoming More Popular Among Mumbaikars?

Buying a residential apartment in Mumbai is a dream that most residents cherish. The rising cost of real estate in the city, further fuelled by the high demand, has made it impossible to afford large apartments anywhere in the city or the suburbs. For a long time, the average Mumbaikar worked around this challenge by looking to buy a flat in Mumbai that was well connected if smaller in area. However, growing families, ageing parents, and remote working have put a strain on families living in smaller units. And what does the Mumbaikar do to fix this issue? Come up with the idea of buying into jodi apartments.

What are Jodi Flats?

Before we look at why Jodi Apartments are all the rage in Mumbai, let’s understand what these are. Jodi flats or jodi apartments are essentially two adjoining flats or units that are bought together with the specific intention of customising them or interconnecting them to get a larger living space. Most homebuyers prefer to buy these during the under-construction stage, so they can avail themselves of the benefits these kinds of apartments offer.

So as a homebuyer, you can buy two adjoining 2BHK units and turn them into a 4BHK or buy a 1 BHK and 2BHK instead of purchasing a 3 BHK apartment.

The Affordability Factor

The greatest advantage that Jodi Apartments offer homebuyers is affordability. The 3BHK or 4 BHK unit is priced very high in most large projects or gated communities. However, a 2 BHK flat or apartment and an adjoining 1 BHK flat may cost less than a 3 BHK. Thus, by investing in 2 apartments instead of one, the homeowner can save on cost but effectively own a 3 BHK flat.

Most developers are keen to sell more units during the early stages of construction. This improves their cash flow and assures them of sales. In addition, by offering to buy two units instead of one, the homebuyer gains purchasing and negotiating power, thus reducing the total cost of both apartments.

Tax and Duty Benefits

Buying two smaller apartments instead of one can help the homebuyer save on many different fronts. For example, when a couple opts for jodi apartments, they can register one flat in the husband’s and one in the wife’s name. If both apply for financing, they stand a higher chance of being approved for smaller loans individually than one large sum for either. They can now individually avail of the income tax benefits for home loans and claim deductions on the principal and interest amounts. In addition, the stamp duty and registration charges on two smaller units are often smaller than the amount payable on one larger unit. These are the financial advantages of buying jodi flats.

Customise, Personalise, Improvise

Connecting two adjoining apartments is very easy, particularly when you work with the developer or builder during construction. The clearances required by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation are minimal as these are internal changes. The only point to keep in mind is that these changes should not affect the structural integrity of the building. Now the advantages these flats offer include the following:

  • Added lounge or hall space.
  • More bathrooms/toilets.
  • The ability to convert an extra kitchen into a storage space.
  • Additional balconies.

You can customise these flats to suit your aspirations and dreams.

How to buy Jodi flats in Mumbai? 

So what are the things to keep in mind when you look for Jodi Flats in Mumbai?

  1. Look for properties in the launch stage or at least very early stages of construction.
  2. Find developers willing to work with you to customise the jodi flats to suit your needs. You may enlist the help of real estate platforms like Blox that help homebuyers connect directly with builders. The relationship manager from Blox will help you find the right jodi flats with verified builders and get you the dream home.
  3. Research and calculate the cost of investment, stamp duty, tax benefits etc., before investing.

Jackie Taylor