Your One-Stop Wardrobe Buying Guide

Nothing says more about your personality than your wardrobe. It is the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. This is the space where you store your clothes, valuables and everything else that you cherish. Everything that makes up your personality, or your look, lies within your wardrobe. A lot of aspects need to be considered while buying a wardrobe. It should be stylish and should have adequate storage space. Nowadays, different types of wardrobes can be shopped from online websites too. One such website that deals in genuine furniture pieces is Wakefit. Check them out to find the best quality wardrobes of various designs and sizes.

If you’re looking for the perfect wardrobe, here’s a buying guide that could make the job a lot easier! Hint – The best wardrobe is one that fits perfectly in your room, making it look more sophisticated and organized.

Measure the room to find the perfect fit:

Rooms often differ in size. For instance, the master bedroom will be larger than a child’s bedroom. To choose the right kind of wardrobe you’ll need to know the exact area/size of the room. Use a measuring tape to find the exact dimensions of the room. Make sure to find the perfect place for each item of furniture and give enough walking space around the room so that the room doesn’t feel overcrowded and cramped once the new wardrobe is added to it.  Also, keep an eye on the height of the wardrobes. Make sure it fits in the room properly.

Think about the size of the wardrobe:

The wardrobe’s size depends on the size of the room. Apart from this, another major factor to be considered is the storage space required. Some people may require a 3 or 4 door wardrobe to fit all their possessions inside. Also, a 3 door almirah will be apt for a medium-sized room. Those with larger bedrooms can opt for 4 door wardrobes. Make sure you do not compromise on storage options that might lead to either overloading the wardrobe or wastage of space.

Choose the material and type of the wardrobe:

Wardrobes can either be wooden or metal. Certain rooms look better with a 3 door wooden wardrobe than a metal one as this adds elegance and style. Wardrobes come in different styles. Some may have hinged doors, while others have the sliding type.  If you do not have enough space in your room to open the doors of wardrobes, go for a sliding door wardrobe that is suitable for small spaces. Apart from the number of doors, also concentrate on storage options like the number of drawers and shelves you require. Often,  you can easily resize the height of the shelf whenever required.

Plan your budget:

We all have to work within a budget. Figure out how much money you can spend before you decide on the type of wardrobe. For example, if you’re looking for a wardrobe for a medium to large-sized room, check the 3 door wardrobe price online before finalizing one. You can also pick a payment plan that suits your budget. Although a wardrobe is an important investment, you cannot empty your bank account by buying one. So choose the right one that’s pocket-friendly.

Quality over quantity:

Choosing a wardrobe that is only stylish and not sturdy is an utter waste of money. Such wardrobes seldom last long and may even be attacked by termites soon. This is why the quality of the product should be checked before the purchase. A wooden wardrobe/almirah should last for many years without much wear and tear. Wardrobes are considered to be a one-time investment that need not be replaced for many years. It is essential to pick good quality wardrobes that can last a lifetime. So try to buy the best quality one available in the market.

Customization is the key:

The main purpose of a wardrobe is to keep all your things safe and organized and, consequently, de-clutter the room making it look neat and tidy. If you are not able to find the right kind of wardrobe online or in stores, try customizing one according to your tastes and preferences. Incorporate a safety locker to hold your valuables and jewelry in it. Choose mirrors, hangers, and shelves based on your requirement. You can also opt for small shelves to store small items. Some people prefer to store their clothes wrinkle-free. Leave enough hangar space if you prefer to hang your clothes in the wardrobe.


A wardrobe should not only appear sophisticated and luxurious but should also be functional with ample space to store things inside. Choose the right combination that provides dedicated space for shelves, hanging rails, and drawers to hold in all your belongings. With the right wardrobe, your life will become more organised and your house will look absolutely stylish.