3 Best Reasons to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

 Mirrors are an essential component of any modern bathroom. However, bathroom mirrors have multiple uses and can improve the look of your space. What type of mirror should I choose? Although you can go for different bathroom mirrors, the frame is critical. It can be the best piece but can ruin the entire look of your home. And this is why it’s critical to choose the most suitable mirror frames.

 Why frame my bathroom mirror?

 Your bathroom mirror serves multiple purposes is a great décor piece in the home. A framed mirror is more appealing and can transform the look you’re your entire bath space. However, if you don’t want to go through the stress of framing your mirror, a mirror frame kit makes an excellent option. And you can get these in various styles and colors. 

There are various benefits of framing your bathroom mirror. Let’s check them out;

  1. Hides blackened edges

 Some mirrors develop black after continued use. This is referred to as de-silvering. This results from cleaning your mirrors with water or cleaning supplies on the mirror’s edges. This makes the mirror look dirty, and a frame can conceal the blemishes and restore that stunning look on your piece. It also protects your mirror from further blackening.

  1. Unlimited decoration possibilities

An unframed mirror is very limiting when it comes to decoration options. But, you have multiple adornment options with a framed mirror. You can drape it with some lights and add different décor aspects to your frame for enhanced appeal. Also, you can drape attractive beads to create a stunning look and a focal point on your bathroom wall. The idea here is; you can design your mirror frame to fit your taste and style.

  1. Personalization

A framed bathroom mirror is an excellent opportunity to personalize your space. You can tuck photos, quotes and other favorite items to create happy memories of treasured things and people in your life. Again, you can enjoy all this without glueing the pieces or using tape.

 What do I need to know when shopping for bathroom mirror frames?

You should pay a lot of consideration to the quality of your mirror frames. You can go for glass, wooden or aluminum frames and the thickness matters. If you choose glass frames, ensure there are no inconsistencies that can distort the reflection.

 Another aspect to consider is the measurements. Take accurate measurements from the space where you want to place your mirror. This way, you avoid the stress of returning a frame that doesn’t fit your space. 

If you prefer a custom mirror frame, have it designed by a professional and specify all the features you want to be included. Seek recommendations from friends and colleagues to get a reliable mirror frame company. Lastly, be in a rush when shopping. Take time to compare different frame materials, colors and thicknesses and choose what best suits your needs.

Final thoughts

 Framing your bathroom mirror will make it stand out and add life to otherwise dull walls. The good thing about mirror frames is that you can choose a color to match your walls and décor pieces. Also, you can pick from the different materials available to enhance the look and appeal of your space.

Joseph Morales