Common Reasons Why Oriental Rugs Are The Cream Of The Rug Industry’s Crop! 

There’s no upstaging beauty, quality, value, durability, functionality and many other common attributes of Oriental area rugs within your home or office. Oriental rugs have been the cream of the rug industry’s crop for decades, if not centuries, and there are many reasons why. 

These area rugs truly are works of art that we walk on top of, and they’re known for aging incredibly well. We’ve partnered up with the online rug outlet called Rug Source to develop this list of common reasons why Oriental rugs truly are the best of the entire industry, so take it from the experienced experts in knowing the reasons why you should consider an Oriental rug within your home! 

Top Reasons Why Oriental Rugs Truly Are The Best Of The Best

Although there of course are many reasons why Oriental rugs are the best in the world, the following are some of the top reasons that you should keep in mind: 

Every Oriental Rug Is Hand-Knotted 

A rug can’t be deemed an authentic Oriental rug if it’s not handmade using intricate weaving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. These types of knots and rug manufacturing techniques can’t be replicated by machines even with modern, cutting-edge technology, so it goes to show just how strong hand-knotted rugs can be even as compared to machine-made counterparts. 

Handmade manufacturing makes a significant impact in terms of a rug’s durability and finished appearance as well. 

Hand Knotting Is A Very Old Tradition

As we mentioned above, the exact same rug developing techniques for today’s Oriental rugs were used centuries ago. This is a truly tried-and-true technique that will never go away. These hand knotting techniques are a big reason why Oriental rugs are so special, because you simply can’t get the exact same techniques anywhere else! 

This is because every artisan will utilize their own unique style within these techniques, which then creates unique appearances and rug structure.

Oriental Rugs Are Considered To Be The Most Valuable Area Rugs 

There are many different reasons why Oriental rugs are considered to be the most valuable in the entire industry and world, and it has a lot to do with the intricate development processes and the incredible natural dyes that are used within every rug’s coloring. 

And you simply can’t forget about the beautiful, unique designs that go into every Oriental area rug, because these designs are many times a major selling point for these rugs due to cultural significance and storytelling within the artwork! 

Oriental Rugs Age Well, Can Be Easily Cleaned, And Are Easily Reparable If Necessary 

Another major selling point of Oriental rugs is their overall functionality, and a big part of this functionality is durability and cleaning capabilities. It’s always such a bummer when someone purchases a fancy area rug only to find out that a serious stain just wont come out due to the rug’s manufacturing. This isn’t necessarily the case with Oriental area rugs, because they are easily cleaned and repaired when the rug needs restorations. 

Oriental rugs remain plush forever because they’re made of wool 

Rug material is always a major factor to keep in mind, and most Oriental rugs are made of natural wool. Wool just so happens to be the top area rug material because of its durability and soft touch. 

When you purchase an Oriental rug, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll remain soft for decades to come because of the durability of its wool. 

Contact Rug Experts In Your Area To Learn More About Oriental Rugs! 

There’s a lot that rug shoppers can learn when it comes to shopping for Oriental rugs, but the good news is that you’re on the right track towards purchasing one of the very best area rugs in the entire world! 

You can learn more about Oriental rugs by speaking directly with experienced industry specialists by clicking through the Rug Source link at the top of the article!

Jackie Taylor

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