Consider These Kitchen Countertops For A Stylish Makeover

Kitchen countertops have really moved over marble in the past few years. Homeowners are now experimenting with multiple countertop options and settling with the ones that suit their decor and budget the best. Some of the most popular options today are soapstone, concrete, glass, granite, stainless steel, and wood. Selecting the right material for the countertop can be a very hard decision to make and hence, here is our guide to help you out of the dilemmas. 

Polished granites

This is a top choice of most homeowners. It adds a modern touch to the otherwise traditional granite countertop options and multiplies the extraordinary look of the kitchen decor. Owing to its high durability and value for money, most homeowners prefer granite over other materials for their kitchens. Although both granite and quartz have almost the same cost, granite tops the list of kitchen countertops, and also needs a bit more care to maintain its sheen.

Laminate countertops

These are one of the most budget-friendly options that homeowners can look out for. They have gained quick popularity because of their beautiful patterns that resemble wood, quartz, or natural stones. The laminates come in bright saturated colors, retro or ubiquitous looks. This makes designing the spaces easier and at half costs.

Wooden countertops

With this variety of the countertop, it is now easy to bring back the rustic and classy look into your kitchen again. These are both functional and decorative in nature. Although wood is a highly durable countertop material, it requires high maintenance. You can have it going on for years by just coating it with a protective coat. You can even recreate your decor by complementing it with engineered stones that look really beautiful.

Stainless steel countertops

To bring in a modern and industrial look to your kitchen, stainless steel countertops are the best options to go for. This kind of a surface perfectly coordinates with any decor style and color. This is the most widely used option in almost all the small and medium-scaled hotels and they are rapidly seeping into the residential spaces too. It requires negligible maintenance and cleaning the surfaces is also very easy. They can rightly prevent the bacteria build-up and help you maintain health and hygiene.

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Joseph Morales