Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens



An outdoor kitchen can make outdoor entertaining even more enjoyable. An outdoor kitchen lets you be part of the event, rather than being isolated in your kitchen while you prepare, cook, and serve.

There are many things to think about when planning an outdoor kitchen. You shouldn’t overlook the importance of choosing the right lighting for outdoor kitchens.

Are you unsure where to start when selecting outdoor lighting?

Lighting to Reduce Trip Hazards

Tripping hazards in outdoor areas are something to be aware of, especially if you’re going to be cooking a lot or using sharp utensils. To reduce tripping hazards for guests and yourself, it is important to put enough lighting in your outdoor kitchen. This is especially important if your outdoor cooking and entertaining will take place at night.

There are many lighting options that can reduce the risk of slipping.

Pathway lights

Outdoor lighting is crucial for guests’ safety as they move through your yard and outdoor spaces. Path lights are an excellent option to help guests navigate from your outdoor kitchen to another area of your yard or to other entertainment spaces.

Pathway lights can also be used to highlight your gardens and flower beds. There are many styles and types of pathway lights available, from solar-powered to hard-wired.

Stairway or step lights

A hazard that could cause a fall in your outdoor space is the staircases you have to get to and from your patio, deck, or other areas. An accidental fall can be caused by changes in elevation or lack of lighting.

To reduce the risk of tripping, you can install a stair or step light to help. These lights can be added to existing steps on your property. These are particularly important for areas where important appliances (such as a grill) may be located at an elevation change.

Under-Counter Lighting

Lighting under the counters of your outdoor kitchen is a great way to create visual interest, especially for night cooking. These lights also make it easy for your guests to see the food you prepare. This lighting can also reduce the chance of accidental spills, particularly in bartop areas.

You can also install under-counter lighting underneath countertops that have storage underneath. This will make it easier to see all the tools and ingredients you need to create the perfect meal.

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