Roots in your sewer pipes?

Sometimes plumbing problems can be caused by things that we can see, such as a blocked drain or a full tub. These are often not the cause of the problem. These are simple fixes, but there’s another problem with your plumbing: root damage in pipes.

Although it may sound odd, roots can easily get into pipes and cause major headaches.

Root infiltration can cause serious problems if it is not dealt with quickly. Roots can block drains, back up waste water, or even cause complete destruction of pipes. It is important to be aware of signs that roots are growing in pipes. This will allow you to take immediate action and prevent the problem from getting worse.

What Causes Tree Roots to Grow into Pipes?

There are many reasons tree roots can grow into pipes. They may be looking for nutrients or water, which could explain why they grow into pipes.

Tree roots can also grow into pipes from being in place. Tree roots can grow into pipes in older homes that have been there for many decades. Roots can easily get into sewer lines and cause serious damage.

If you have recently moved close to a large number of trees, tree roots could also enter your system. Pipes can only last about 30 years so be sure to inspect your pipes every year for leaks.

Tree roots come in many sizes, colors and shapes. Roots are growing every day. They can block pipes and cause severe blockages if they become large enough to cover the entire pipe’s inside diameter.

Talking about growing: They can grow up to an inch per day and can even travel through small spaces to reach water. Some roots can even split when they reach deep enough to search for more nutrients.

Even though tree roots don’t drink as much water as household items like toilets, they still have enough water to cause headaches.

To survive, tree roots absorb water through their pores just like us. Tree roots require more water than we do, but that’s the difference. For survival, humans require at least one liter of water each day. Trees need anywhere from 10 to 100+ liters every day.

Signs that you have roots in your pipes

You should look out for signs such as roots growing into your pipes.

  • Root intrusion can be detected if the water system in your home is slowly draining.
  • A second sign that you have a root in your sewer pipe is the gurgling sound coming from your toilet.
  • Another indicator is the presence of patches of grass that appear greener than surrounding grass. This is likely to be a result of the intrusion, which has provided extra nutrients and water for the green grass.
  • Sunken areas in your yard are often a sign that there is a root intrusion. The roots cause a crack in the pipe and the dirt surrounding it is washed into city sewers. Although the hole might seem small, it can cause mini sinkholes that can prove to be very dangerous.

It is important to immediately call a professional plumber if you find a problem with your plumbing system. Clog Kings Plumbing will perform a camera inspection in order to determine if roots are present and can remove them.

Preventing Roots from Entering Pipes

You can prevent tree roots from getting into your plumbing system by making sure your water supply is clean. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • To collect rainwater from trees and plants nearby, install a rain gutter. It will prevent them from absorbing any water.
  • A layer of gravel, at least 3 inches in thickness, should be placed around your home to create a barrier. It should extend at least 12 inches beyond the home’s perimeter. You can create a barrier by using four layers. The first two layers should contain washed gravel (gravel rocks that have been cleaned on one side), and the second two should contain cobble (granite-like stones).

Roots from nearby trees or plants can get into your plumbing system. This is why it’s important to be vigilant about the roots coming in contact with your pipes. You should call professional help if you see signs of an invasion such as slow draining toilets or gurgling. Clog Kings Plumbing serves Pinellas County residents. Call us today to discuss your problem and we will get you started right away.

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