The Benefits of Having a Bidet Installed in Your Home

Using the restroom is one of the most monotonous things you will have to do regularly. It is an inescapable part of life that cannot be avoided, ignored, or delayed. In the US, it is common to have an everyday toilet that necessitates the use of toilet tissue afterward. Europeans and many other countries, on the contrary, adopt a different approach.

Bidets are common in their toilets, which squirt water when an individual sits or straddles them. This allows you to clean your bottom and genital regions quickly. Although it was originally thought to be an uncommon notion in the United States, a growing number of houses are looking into it for themselves.

But are bidets genuinely worth the money? As you read, you will learn about all of the tremendous advantages of this sort of equipment. Remove toilet paper from your regular shopping list and replace it with a Swan S Pro toilet bidet right away.

Reduced Clogging

One of the most inconvenient elements of modern toilets is how easily they may become clogged since their drain is only around two inches in diameter. Heavy piles of toilet paper or feces can become trapped, requiring only one use of a plunger.

Since bidets eliminate the need for additional toilet paper, you’re less likely to run into this problem while flushing. A couple of squares will be needed to clean anything that the bidet’s air dryer cannot handle.


Numerous toilet paper brands promise to be soft. However, they may annoy specific individuals. Because the tissue is dry, repeated contact may cause skin irritation. Worse, if you already have a problem, including hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, using toilet tissue may be difficult.

A bidet’s water function may be soothing for a range of diseases, owing to the fact that many types let you adjust the pressure level. Swan Toilets’ bidet even has a heated seat, making the process more comfortable.

Better Results

Because lingering bacteria or viruses can cause a range of problems, the most essential part of a bathroom visit is cleanliness. Using toilet paper to clean your private parts is more likely to spread germs than eradicate them. The bidet’s water hits the particular places that have to be cleaned, resulting in thorough cleansing.

Water, which removes blood more efficiently than toilet paper, can additionally make going to the bathroom easier during menstruation. This is important since residual blood can cause UTIs and other infections.

Spending Less

Living expenses are continually rising, which can be worrisome. There’s usually something unforeseen that we cannot prepare for, whether it’s our payments or the goods we buy. Without our knowledge, our toilets may be a substantial expenditure. Most ordinary toilets can consume up to seven gallons of water each flush, which can result in high water bills.

Using a bidet, such as one made by Swan Toilets, will help you save water. This is because the toilet you selected is contemporary and water-efficient, needing only 1.5 gallons every flush. You’ll also save hundreds of dollars on toilet paper every year.

Swan Toilets’ Bidet Has Impacted the Competition

Many homeowners profess a desire not to go back to their former toilets or bathroom habits after installing a bidet. While there are alternative options, Swan Toilets provides one-of-a-kind innovative technology. They plan to take you and your visitors on a fun trip to the bathroom.

Because the Swan S Pro is completely hands-free, you don’t have to worry about making your hands filthy. You’ll be treated like a royal in the bathroom, from the bidet’s spouting water to the seat’s automatic shutting. The toilet even cleanses itself, enabling you to check off one of the more challenging duties on your list. All you have to do is use the remote control.

Bidets are a common choice in many other countries, and they are now finding their way to America. Why not try something a little more interesting? If you want to use the bathroom with flair and sophistication, choose Swan Toilets.

Bradley Bohan