Moving to Manuel Antonio: A Look at the Cost of Living in Costa Rica

Located on the central Pacific coast, Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio and Quepos are a homebuyer’s haven. Consistently the most visited location in the country, the area is home to a breathtaking coastline, a nice warm climate, white sandy beaches, and other joys of Costa Rica. But beyond the natural beauty, many people move to Manuel Antonio and Quepos, and Costa Rica as a whole, due to its low cost of living. If you are considering buying a home in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, here is a look at the cost of living in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and what you can expect while living there.

Housing Costs

The first step to moving is to look at homes for sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and the good news is that the prices are favorable. The capital city, San Jose, is the most expensive city to live in Costa Rica but even it is very affordable compared to other cities. Depending on your tastes and the size of your family, you can get anything from a studio apartment or one-bedroom house and upwards. A one-bedroom unit rents for between $600 and $800, depending on how close it is to the city center. This price reduces rapidly to between $360 and $445 the further you move from the center. For purchases, the median sale price of homes in San Jose is $180,000.


Once you settle into your new home, you will need to worry about utilities. Basic utility services often fall below $100 per month, with electricity costing about $50. Of course, the price will vary depending on your usage. Electricity costs, for instance, can pile up depending on the number of appliances you have, how often you use them, your air conditioning habits, and more. The water bill can range from $10 a month with an additional $100 for other costs like cable and internet.


Costa Rica has a world-class restaurant scene and you can enjoy different cuisines at different prices across the country. Mid-range restaurants will usually provide servings for around $4.5, and you can enjoy local delicacies like Casado at traditional “sodas” for around $3 to $4. Top-brow restaurants, on the other hand, serve Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, and French cuisines from between $10 and $18. If you prefer to cook, you can expect a monthly grocery bill of about $150 for 2 to 4 people. 


Healthcare in Costa Rica is highly affordable. Private healthcare services are available at a fraction of the cost in the US, and the government runs a universal healthcare system called CAJA. On average, a doctor’s visit will cost $60 to $75, and lab costs can set you back about $100.

Transportation and Other Costs

Moving around is another crucial cost you should consider when moving. If you do not like to drive, you can move around town on the bus for about $1 and travel across the country for $10. When the bus is too slow, you can take a cab, and the price will vary depending on the travel distance. Other costs you will need to consider include taxes and entertainment, which again will vary. 

Explore Costa Rica Real Estate with Paul Lambert

In addition to the stunning scenery, warm climate, and many things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, there are many reasons to move to this coastal haven. If you are ready to move to this breathtaking community, contact local real estate expert Paul Lambert to schedule a consultation and show off the best Costa Rica has to offer.