Top 5 Things to Do in Billings

Located in south-central Montana, Billings is on the Yellowstone River’s banks. Renowned as Montana’s Trailhead, it is the state’s biggest city. The city is surrounded by Big Sky scenery and open areas ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor sightseeing. The breathtaking Rimrocks and sandstone cliffs provide the background of the city.

Billings is a well-liked location in the area not just because of its untamed and untamed environment but also because there are a lot of activities available that attract people from all over the state. Additionally, Billings’ tourist attractions capture the spirit of the American West’s vast open landscapes and culture. If you’d like to relocate here, Billings, MT real estate experts The Lanissa Fortner Team can help you with your home search. After moving, the following are the best things to do in Billings:

1. Experience riding a horse

If you enjoy nature and animals, riding horses is one of the most significant activities to do in Billings. The region has various ranches that provide trail rides and equestrian instruction. Families, get-togethers, or anybody looking to see Montana’s natural splendor from a new angle will find this a fantastic activity.

2. Stroll along the RimRocks

People associate Billings with the “Rim” or “Rimrocks.” The sandstone structures known as the Rimrocks are within the vicinity of Billings. Swords Rimrock Park provides the ideal destination for examining the patterns. What is now downtown Billings was once the Western Interior Seaway’s shoreline, extending from the Arctic into the Gulf of Mexico, 80 million years ago. Sand and sediments accumulated along the coastline over millions of years, gradually compressing into the sandstone and forming the structure now known as the Rimrock, which rises sharply over the city skyline. Buying a home in the Billings real estate neighborhood is an excellent idea if you enjoy walking.

3. Explore the Yellowstone Art Museum

Explore Montana’s largest museum of modern art. YAM, which hosts various special events and changing exhibitions, highlights American material culture and studio craft from regional and well-known artists. Visit their collection for a stunning and distinctive display of the northern Plains and Rocky Mountain areas.

4. Take a Fishing Trip

Fishing is excellent along the Yellowstone River, which flows beside the town’s eastern and southern borders. Any accessible point, like Duck Creek Bridge or Riverfront Park, offers fishing from the riverbanks, or you may take a boat out on the water. Lake Elmo is another alternative, but you’ll need a boat or paddleboard to fish here. If you wish to go further, the Beartooth Range also has mountain lakes to discover. While going through various homes for sale in Billings, the possibility of fishing can be a massive incentive.

5. Zimmerman Park

Discover the Billings Rimrocks in Zimmerman Park—the best location for climbing, trekking, and mountain biking! This lovely park has several varied routes and fantastic views of the city. Even though Billings is just two hours away from the well-known Yellowstone State Park, there is still a lot of stunning, untamed Montana landscape to take in only a short distance from home.

Consider the suggestions above if you’re wondering what you can do in Billings once you relocate. The Big Sky Country has plenty for everyone, from outdoor pursuits to family-friendly activities.