A Guide to Learn About Ants Infestation and How to Deal with Them

Nowadays most people are facing problems with various types of pests among which ants are the most common ones. However, they can be proved to be annoying. Especially during the warm season when they start scavenging for food. Here we are going to look over the various facts that attract the ants to the home.

What attracts ants?

Ants are mostly attracted to places with easy access to food, water, and a comfortable living.

Here are some of the sources to which the ants are attracted towards:

  • Moisture: ants are quite more attracted to the moisture and they find moist places more suitable for them to settle and start their colony. They can be attracted to any moist place whether it is a leaky pipe, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Sugar: ants are highly attracted to food. However, they are even more attracted to the food with high sugar content and hence they love sweets and even a small piece of sweet is enough for them to get attracted.
  • Grease:certain species of ants are highly attracted to food with high-fat content. For example,Pharaoh’s ant, it has been observed that they even travel long distances to get oily and fatty food.
  • Rubbish bin:ants are highly attracted to the dustbins as it is the place where they can find all kinds of food starting from the crumbs and sugary foods to the dead body of the dead insects.

How do ants enter the home?

Due to their very small size, it is not even a bit difficult for them to enter the home. Even a little gap or hole or opening is enough for them to enter the home. They mostly enter the house through the cracks in the walls, gaps in the door, and poorly covered windows. Byproperlymaintaining and filling the gaps, you can block their entrance.

How do get rid of the ants?

You can get rid of the ants by preventing the ants to get in contact with the food source, you can seal all the boxes with the food, also you can block their passage by sealing all their entrance pathways. Finally, you can apply insecticides to them to kill them at once. However, to get the best and quick response, you can call professional pest controllers.

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Prevention from ant invasion

To prevent the ant invasion of your house all you need is to maintain your house wall, door, and wall opening. And keep the food jar well sealed and also clean the dustbin regularly.


As now you are well aware of the things that attract the ants, you can easily prevent their invasion in case you want better control you can take the help of the professionals.

Joseph Morales