All You Need To Know About American Standard Toilets

American standard provides wide range of toilets and bathroom sinks which are affordable and space friendly for the people with great taste in home designing with budget friendly items. As the motto suggests American standard helps homeowners to live their life in the most comfortable and efficient ways with their loved ones.

Features of American standard toilets

  • Design and material

They are made by vitreous china material which is an enamel coating that are tougher, stronger, shiner and denser. The material is proved against spills. The cleaning of such materials provides less efforts and pressure because of its smooth and shiny surface which prevent dirt no stay for a much longer time. Its tank lead could also be helpful in keeping items or products.

  • Faster cleaning of curved rim and powerful flushing

When comes to the cleaning of the curve rim, a unique design makes it easier to clean and maintain the toilet by eliminating odor, germs and bacteria not to stay and cause health issues. Other than traditional toilets, its powerful flushing is helpful in twice more efficient cleaning from top to bottom without leaving any dirt or solid waste and clog experience.

  • No stain on surface with less consumption of water

It helps not only the owners but also the nature by cleaning the toilet with less consumption of water and less chemical usage. The stain free surface does not allow stains to cause multiple flush and more chemical product usage. Thus prevent harming the nature.

  • No height issue

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the taller, shorter and disabled people feel comfortable on the toilet. American standard toilets provides solution for every person short to tall, able to disabled, and children to old,  to help them find their right height toilet as prefer by them depending on the height and elongated surface.

  • Zero slamming of seat

It provides zero slamming of seats. Seats are closed slowly without making loud noise.


Some advantages of having American standard toilets are provided below

  • Water saving technology

It maintains high performance as well as saves water costs as only 1.1 gallons of water is used per flush

  • Stylish look

The toilets have stylish look that takes the smallest space in the bathroom. It is shining as well as strong

  • Comfortable

The bowl is round shape along with its board rim that is comfortable for use.

  • No need for repeated flush

By utilizing the vacuum system, the pressure of waterflow is boosted that drains out the waste waterin few minutes. So, the users don’t have to flush repeatedly.

  • Long time cleanliness

The toilet remains clean for a long time as the surface is resistant to the development of stains, molds and germs.


American standard toilet provides the most reliable and best model toilets for its users. The longevity of such toilets is very high if well maintained and gently used. It saves water, space and money at the same time.

Final words

The article provides the readers with information and helps them to make their homes more attractive. American standard toilet also provides the homeowners with ideas and inspiration for making their bathroom more appealing. A safe and clean toilet is what every user wants. For detailed you can browse

Clare Louise