Design Delights: Unveiling the Architectural Marvels of Pasadena Real Estate in 2024

Architectural Marvels of Pasadena Real Estate

Pasadena is geographically close to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but culturally, it is worlds apart. The city’s distinctive architecture is one of the things that sets Pasadena real estate apart from the rest of the LA metro area. You can find everything from mid-century modern homes to iconic Craftsman homes. Read on to explore some of the popular architectural styles in Pasadena.


Craftsman architecture is considered a more relaxed and informal approach to architecture. Homes constructed in this style are built to be efficient, with features such as built-in shelves and cabinets. Construction quality was paramount, and local artisans typically created furnishings and finishes using locally sourced materials.

If you are looking for Craftsman homes for sale in Pasadena, the Bungalow Heaven neighborhood is full of preserved Craftsman and Prairie-style cottages, most of which have been restored and preserved. Nevertheless, the most standout Pasadena craftsman home is the “Gamble House,” designed by the Greene brothers.

Spanish Revival

homes for sale in Pasadena
homes for sale in Pasadena

Spanish Revival homes borrow inspiration from the hot, dry climate of California. Interior courtyards define the rustic character of Spanish Revival homes. These courtyards were built to keep the homes cool on extremely hot days, while accentuating the laid-back vibe and simplicity common in Pasadena real estate.

Older Spanish Revival houses feature thick walls to keep houses cool. Other notable elements include bright white exterior walls facing the sun, soft arches, decorative wrought iron, Terra cotta flat roofs, and exposed heavy beams.


Pasadena real estate also includes stunning Beaux-Arts estates. Late-19th-century Pasadena architects created Beaux-Arts winter homes for East Coast and Midwest industry titans. A prime example is the Wrigley Mansion on Orange Grove Avenue.

Beaux-Arts homes demonstrate that the “more is more” design school can be elegant and sophisticated, even when incorporating architectural elements from multiple design philosophies. Common features in these homes include marble, limestone, or stone exteriors, highly decorative plasterwork, grand staircase and entrance halls, and pavilions.


Located on South Orange Grove Boulevard, Millionaire’s Row showcases some of Pasadena’s rare examples of Victorian architecture.

These homes are decorated in the finest rococo style, with many patterns, colors, and textures inside and outside. Typical Victorian-style details include an expansive front porch, a prominent gable, an asymmetrical facade, and steeply pitched rooflines.

Victorian houses are 2 or 3 stories tall, with long, narrow windows, turrets, and towers that draw the eye to the roof. Other distinguishing features of this 19th-century style are painted iron railings and elaborate gingerbread wood trim.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a design extension of early 20th-century Craftsman houses, which peaked in the post-World War II boom years. After the war, Pasadena was almost completely built out, so daring architects built low-rise residences into the hillsides for a striking effect.

These homes blend form and function as they are designed to create a smooth transition between the outdoors and indoors. Key defining characteristics of Mid-Century Modern homes in Pasadena include floor-to-ceiling windows, flat or sloped roofs, long, low profiles, and exposed beams.

A nice example of this home design is the “Bubble House,” designed by Wallace Neff.

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