Bar stools are affordable, decorative, and practical options

How practical they are and how beautiful they can be in your restaurant. Rattan Bar Stools are not mere decorative objects but an essential part of your hotel establishment. They allow you to manage the available space better, being able to take advantage of the bar of your restaurant in the same way to offer a place for your guests. Guess what, many are using bar stools for their indoor and outdoor spaces, such as modern bar type kitchens, patios, outdoor gardens, etc.

 The concept of the bar stool has changed

Traditionally we have associated it as a high chair to use for a few minutes to have a quick drink or wait while we are assigned a table to eat, right? In fact, they have always had a bad reputation, as being uncomfortable and this, today, is not entirely true. A bar stool can and should be a comfortable and elegant addition to the aesthetics of your bar or restaurant. When used well, bar stools can help create an interesting and dynamic space.

How to choose bar stools

Arguably, the most important consideration when choosing any type of seating is ‘comfort’. After all, the last thing you want is an awkward customer. When choosing a bar stool, the first question to consider is where the bar stools will be and what they will be used for in the space. Will they be placed in a bar that is designed for short periods of sitting when customers are waiting to sit down to eat? Alternatively, you could use them at a cocktail bar for longer periods while enjoying a few drinks. They can even be accompanied by a high dining table where customers can enjoy an aperitif.

It must have a backrest and foot paddle

To keep the customers comfortable, the stools must have a footrest to support the feet, especially since people will use it to stand up and sit down. However, it is also important that they have a backrest. Bar stool without backrest is not a good ally. Bar stools base with good quality padded foam is good for short time seating. Bar stools that rotate is also a good choice. Buy bar stools of different colors to bring the harmony.

The ideal model comes with a height adjuster, a footrest and a backrest, 3600 rotation, and comfortable leather padded base.

The time for comfort

Consider how long you want the customer to stay in each of the areas of your store. If you place your bar stools in a waiting area, ideally you do not want to encourage customers to settle in for the night, but just hang out for a bit. In this sense, you can simply invest in stools with less comfort. Buying cheap stools is okay. Outside, you can place simple chairs also.

However, if your place is full of high tables, and you want to take advantage of the space of the bar to seat diners there, you must consider other priorities. The stools must be comfortable and come with height-adjuster. You want your customers to seat, drink, and eat in comfort for longer time, right. If you have a little space in your establishment, stools are a great option.