Is The Pitch Fibre Drain Installed At Your House Good For You?

The drainage system of our house is an important element. You may realize it’s important when you get a blocked pipe or drain in the house. However, you do not have to be so late to understand the problem with your drains.

Today we like to discuss a special problem in the drainage system that is pitch fibre drains. If you are not from a drainage system business then you might not know how a pitch fibre pipe or drains at your home are ticking time bomb.

It is recommended to have a check of your house drain and see if your house has installed a pitch fibre drainage system. You might need to repair them or better replace the system. Therefore, if you are buying a new house better to call for a drain inspection to find if the house drainage use pitch fibre piper or not. 

What Is The Exact Problem With Using Pitch Fibre Drains?

The pitch fibre has a problematic history. The pitch fibre drains are used heavily during 1950-1970. The time is of war and there is a shortage of material. Therefore, the manufacturer starts to use wood cellulose and coal tar to cut the cost. However, the pitch fibre pipes are of low quality. If you have them in your house you will need to call services to unblock drain more often.

Why Pitch Fibre Drains Are Ticking Time Bombs?

You can ask an expert that unblock drains Bracknell, they will tell you how menacing the pitch fibre drains are for your house. Since the pipe and drains are made of low-quality material, you will see a lot of leaking and blocking issues.

The pitch fibre pipes easily collapse, since they are light. Moreover, under immense water pressure, they get misshaped. Changes in shape obstruct the flow and you will experience blockage in your drains.

Moreover, the cost of service to unblock drains Bracknell does not come cheap. With pitch fibre pipe at your house, you are going to see 2-5 calls for unblocking your drain every year. That is a huge problem if you have just bought a house that has pitch fibre drains installed. You will have to pay a heavy price for drainage repair that can eat your house budget.

What Did You Need To Do When Buying A New House?

If you want to avoid calling for drainage service to unblock drains Bracknell regularly, you need to avoid buying the house with pitch fibre pipes. Therefore, we recommend if you are buying a house that is built-in i940’s to 1965 you need to check for pitch fibre drains.

What You Can Do If You Have A Pitch Fibre Drain At Your House?

Pitch fibre pipes are prone to blockages. First, you need to conduct a survey of your drainage system and see how severe the situation at your house is. It may be you already have a misshaped drain in your system and are just a day away from seeing blockage.

Moreover, you will get an idea of the cost if you need to replace the pitch fibre pipe at your house. If you are cannot afford the option of replacing the pipe it would be better to find a good unblock drains Bracknell service that can help you out during the blockages. More you can check your insurance if you get coverage for pitch fibre drains.