Best Iron Doors For Different Architectural Styles In Georgia

When it comes to buildings in Georgia, an impressive front door can really set the mood for anyone who’s about to enter. Even interior doors can play a large role in determining how put-together a home looks alongside the rest of its décor and architectural style. With the number of different styles and designs for steel and iron doors out there, it’s no wonder that homeowners often get overwhelmed and are unable to make the best choice for their homes.

Here are some of the best doors designs for a variety of architectural styles in Georgia:


A modern home is all about simplicity that stuns its viewers with its beauty. Homes with modern style architecture feature simple colors and crisp lines with a lot of steel, glass, and metal in their construction. They also use large windows to brighten the space up with natural lighting to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Overall, modern homes represent minimalistic thinking.

The best door design for these kinds of homes is those that incorporate large windows. Iron and steel doors can fit in perfectly with the rest of the home’s building materials and provide the sharp and neat lines that make up its design. A simple and beautiful pivot door with glass panels and sidelights can be the perfect addition to your modern home!


Scandinavian style houses are similar to modern houses in the sense that they aim to communicate simplicity. Some common characteristics of Scandinavian designs include white colors pallets with certain natural elements such as steel doors or wooden counters. They’re also well-known for their minimalistic and spacious design that brings in lots of natural light through large windows and glass panels.

One great option for homes incorporating this design would be French doors! These doors emulate the look of windows and provide tons of natural light along with a gorgeous view of your outdoor area. It’s a great way of combining your indoor and outdoor spaces and inviting nature into your home.

You can also go for sliding pocket doors to maximize space and make your home look even bigger in the traditional Scandinavian way. These doors don’t need to swing open or close, helping you save a lot of space behind them, which you can fill in with other furniture or leave free.


Transitional homes are getting more and more popular as they feature both modern and traditional design elements. While the idea might sound a bit contradictory, it helps create an appealing balance that can feel very homey. You will often find modern materials with chic lines mixed with traditional patterned and plush furniture that make use of a neutral pallet to create a welcoming and warm environment without looking too cluttered.

The best door option for homes like these would be steel doors with fun patterns! The use of steel will help you enhance the contemporary aspect, while fun custom patterns can make it more traditional.


Homes with Mediterranean styles tend to emphasize the element of outdoor living and keeping a house cool during the hot summer months. This style consists of arches, stucco walls, clay tile roofs, and detailing made from wrought iron. Along with helping keep a home cool during hot seasons, these design elements also add a touch of luxury and uniqueness.

Due to the focus on wrought iron in Mediterranean homes, you can go for any kind of wrought iron door that you like! They’re great for keeping out the heat, and a gorgeous iron front door will help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Try going for a door with an arched top to really play into this style, and you can even combine it with transoms and sidelights to get extra natural light into your home.


Tudor homes tend to be more popular in southern states, but they’re gorgeous no matter where you see them! They look like they’ve been pulled right out of a fantasy story with their tall windows and roofs combined with brick and stone. The front doors in these kinds of homes are usually rather large with arched tops to give them a castle-like look.

An intricate and large iron door would be a great fit for your Tudor-style home.

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