Top Signs You Need to Hire A Plumber For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is an essential part of your home. An improper working bathroom plumbing system is annoying and scary to wake up to. Take, for instance, a clogged toilet; it will not only be inconvenient but pose a great health risk.

Some bathroom problems you can fix yourself, but it is ideal to hire professionals like Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company. Professional plumbers like Plumber Caloundra will easily identify a problem and fix it with precision.

Here are the top warning signs that need to call a bathroom plumber.

  1. A Leaky Faucet

Nothing is annoying like a non-stop drip-drip sound in your bathroom. People tend to normalize a leaky faucet in some instances, but it can be risky due to slippery grounds. A leaky faucet leads to mass volumes of water wastage, thus increasing your utility bills.

It will also corrode your valve seat if it keeps leaking for a prolonged time; this will require a professional plumber for replacement. Such repairs and replacement will cost you money and time to find the right plumber.

Consider seeking professional help before it causes more damage.

  1. A Sudden Water Pressure Drop

Water pressure is significant in your bathroom sinks and showers, since they ensure proper and consistent water flow. A sudden water pressure drop is a sign of an underlying problem in the plumbing system. It is wise to reach out for professional plumber’s assistance like Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company.

If the problem is affecting your home, only then is the problem in your plumbing system; there could be some leakage somewhere. However, a plumber must identify and fix the problem to eliminate more damages.

  1. Sudden Water Temperature Drop

Only a few will enjoy a cold shower on a chilly morning. A sudden water temperature drop is another warning sign that you should contact professional plumbers immediately. A faulty water heater could cause drastic water temperature changes.

It might require a minor repair or complete replacement; thus, the need to call a plumber for help. Water heaters are hazardous since they are powered by gas or electricity; avoid handling them if you don’t have the right skills.

Consider hiring a qualified plumber like sunshine coast plumbing company if you encounter such a problem.

  1. Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is the other bathroom plumbing problem that should be treated as an emergency. Clogged toilets and shower drains are the most familiar plumbing problems for homeowners. The underlying cause for a clogged drain is hair shreds, soap debris, mineral sediments, etc.

Although the unblocking of the drains may seem straightforward, it is ideal to hire a professional plumber to avoid more damage. Besides removing the sediments, an expert will consider installing a drain screen as a permanent solution for clogging.

  1. A Toilet Running Non-stop

As a homeowner, you may have experienced a toilet that runs continuously. In most situations, you may prefer to fix the problem yourself following the cause of the problems. The problem is commonly associated with a faulty flapper or float tube apparatus; contact a professional plumber if their replacement doesn’t work.

An expert will troubleshoot the problem and fix it quickly.


Contact a professional plumber if you know what signs indicate a plumbing problem in your bathroom. Avoid panicking when you encounter a clogged drain; an expert may be just a call away. Consider talking to a qualified plumber should the water temperature and pressure suddenly drop.

Some of this can be fixed by homeowners, but a professional plumber will do better.

Jackie Taylor