Handy Explains the Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Your Garden



According to Handy, trimming and pruning are essential practices to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden in your landscape. Pruning and trimming involve the removal of plant parts such as bugs, roots, and roots to promote healthy growth. There are several different methods of pruning such as reduction, thinning, raising, topping, and more. Plus, you must also learn to use the proper tools. Still, it is well worth the effort in time and cost.

The Benefits

Here are a few benefits of pruning and trimming your garden:

  1. It improves plant health – Trees often get affected by pests that eat away at leaves, damage branches, and spread diseases to other parts of the plant. Trees can also sustain damage to some of their branches due to severe weather conditions. Pruning helps to remove damaged, decayed, dead, or diseased branches and other parts of the plants to keep them healthy.

It prevents the spread of diseases to other plants in the garden and allows them to recover from injuries with proper care. Periodic pruning also helps to keep pests such as worms, insects, and more in check. As a result, it also prevents and reduces the risk of plant diseases.

  1. It enhances the beauty of the plant and the landscape – Periodic trimming and pruning help to shape the different plants in your garden, and thereby the whole landscape to better suit your aesthetic appeal. In fact, it can fulfill your desire to maintain thick, dense, lush green hedges of the appropriate shape and size.

Careful periodic trimming by experts can be used to maintain the healthy branches of the plants and remove the dead ones which helps to encourage the production of new flowers and fruits. This is because fewer branches mean less energy and resources required to fuel the growth of the trees. 

  1. It stimulates plant growth – According to studies, trimming the main growing shoots of the plants encourages the growth of the other shoots since they influence the growth of each other. Plus, since periodic trimming and pruning help to prevent or reduce the risk of pests and diseases, it fuels healthy growth in the plants which bear more flowers and fruits.
  2. It improves the safety of the property – Dead, damaged, or diseased twigs and branches of large trees can become a significant risk to your property and a health hazard to all the members of your family. This is especially true if it is near the walkways, children’s play area, or near the roof of your house.

In fact, they can cause significant damage to your property during storms which can cost you a lot of money in repairs and fixing property damage. Thus, it is better to trim the dead limbs of the tree so that the tree can support its weight better.


Handy suggests you hire a reputed arborist to help you maintain a beautiful garden. Improper pruning can cause more harm than good to your plants. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire professionals with extensive training that can prune and trim the trees in your garden safely.