How Can a Carport Save You Money?

If you are looking for storage solutions for your car, then a carport could certainly be the best option to look at. There are a number of benefits of building a carport over a garage, such as the speed of installation, the lack of need for planning permission and the aesthetic beauty of the structure. Beyond this, there are some very clear cost savings which carports offer, and this is what we are going to be focused on today. If you have the space and you need somewhere to put those cars, here is how building a carport can save you money.


One surefire way to save money when you are building a carport over a garage is that you can have them prefabricated before they arrive. This rarely happens when it comes to garages and that is why so many look to build a standard carport at home. When it comes to carports Melbourne companies offer a wide range of designs which can be created in factory settings, and then shipped to your property. Not only is this lower cost, but the manufacturing is quicker and erecting the carport can be done in no time at all.

Car Protection

Another important way in which a carport is going to save you money is thanks to the protection which it is able to offer your vehicle. Thanks to the coverage of the carport you will be able to avoid any damage caused by the weather and falling debris. Over time this can cause scratches and scrapes to your vehicles which can lower their worth and which will need repairing at some point. Vehicles can also be damaged by long-term exposure to the outdoors, such as rusting and damage caused by the sun, which will also be minimised when you use a carport.

Additionally it is worth noting that if you have your car underneath a carport rather than on the street, you are going to eradicate the risk of any accidents involving your vehicle, caused by another.


Whilst there is no doubt about the fact that garages can offer more security than custom carports, statistics have shown that even under the roof of a carport your car is in fact going to be more secure. Compared with cars which are stolen from standard drives, the number of vehicles stolen from underneath carports is very small indeed. There is something about the structure which appears to deter thieves, and that is going to save you money on insurance costs.

Insurance Savings

Owing to the fact that your car is more secure underneath a carport, insurance companies are keen to offer you savings when you tell them that this is where you vehicle will be stored. Insurance companies often have promos and cost savings for different situations, and that is yet another reason why carports are able to save you money.

These are just some of the ways that structures like custom carports are going to be able to save you money.

Jackie Taylor