How does a tunnel freezer work?

`Tunnel freezers are special IQF freezers which can freeze large quantities of products in a short period of time ensuring that the products do not stick together. The full form of IQF is Individually Quick Frozen. The IQF method freezes all the components individually and also keeps them separate. It is good for freezing items like peas, beans, strawberries, blueberries and helps them not to clump together. These items cannot be frozen properly in the regular freezers. This process of freezing takes place between 30 to 25 degrees F. Tunnel freezers freeze the product very fast.

What are tunnel freezers?

Tunnel freezers are a type of freezers that are specialized and these can freeze large quantities in a short period of time. Also, one of the main things about these types of freezers is that when they freeze a certain type of food, the food does not get stuck together and does not form clumps. For example, if you freeze peas, the peas will start to stick together and then be frozen if it is a different kind of freezer. While with a tunnel freezer, this is not the case. If you freeze peas in a tunnel freezer, they will not stick together and clumps will not be formed. This is why a lot of people prefer this kind of a freezer over the others. The main benefits of the tunnel freezers are that they provide you a high quality of products after freezing and also they are more energy efficient.

The functioning of a tunnel freezer

Tunnel freezers use cryogenic gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen to freeze the food. The food items which are fresh are placed on a conveyor belt and then that conveyor belt carries these food items to the freezer. In these freezers, there is an injection system which has fans and it circulates gas and chilled air which ensures that the food items are frozen quickly.

After this whole process is completed, these food items are shipped to different places like grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and many more. We cannot even think of the way or the equipment these products are frozen when they reach us. There is a lot of work involved behind keeping them fresh and frozen until they reach us.

Although tunnel freezers have proven to be really good and all the people who have these freezers have been really happy, it also depends on the pace you have at home. So, you should always research first before buying a freezer.

If you think that buying a tunnel freezer will be beneficial for you, then you should do your full research before buying one as there are many different types of tunnel freezers available in the market with different types of belts. Some of the examples of these belts are net belt tunnel freezer, solid belt tunnel freezer, super-jet mesh belt tunnel freezer. Each of these types has some or the other different features so you can buy the one which suits your needs the best.



Jackie Taylor