Sustainable Solution to Personal Hygiene – Bidet Toilets

The US alone uses over 3 million metric tonnes of toilet paper each year, which is then flushed down the toilet. That isn’t really useful or effective, is it? In light of this, it might be time to change for the better for both the world and your body.

When it comes to personal hygiene, a more effective and environmentally responsible method to sweep up after yourself is with a smart toilet seat or bidet toilet. The simple and minimalistic bidet design easily transforms your toilet into a sustainable solution for personal hygiene. 

But how? Let’s find out in this article. 

Bidet Toilet Seat Are Eco-Friendly In Nature!

Toilet paper is mostly used for drying reasons to remove any remaining moisture from your wash since bidet toilets leverage water to wash and clean you. Consequently, your need for toilet paper will reduce by at least 75%. 

Also, if you have the patience to use the warm air-dry setting–for 2 to 3 minutes –you can fully cut off the need for toilet paper from your life.

Using a bidet toilet to clean oneself after using the restroom not only protects your sensitive areas from harsh irritation but also helps the environment. Have you ever given any thought to the amount of toilet paper you make use of each week? A year?

Just think about the environmental damage our society experiences from annual toilet paper consumption. Around 7 billion reams of toilet paper are used annually in the United States, which results in the annual loss of almost 9 million trees. 

Your household can contribute to preserving our woodlands and natural resources by using a bidet toilet seat.

These are significant sums, so let’s translate them into relevant amounts for your home. Installing a bidet toilet may result in an annual savings of about $100 by reducing the amount of toilet paper your family uses by 80 rolls. Literally, you are disposing of this cash in the sewer.

Also, you are saving paper by doing this. Our septic and wastewater systems aren’t put under the same pressure when there’s less paper trash. It makes us all a bit savvier to have a bidet toilet seat.

Bidets: How Sustainable Are They? 

There’s no doubt in saying that Bidets are eco-friendly in nature. They eliminate the need for deforestation and consume less or minimal amounts of water. In addition, they last longer than any toilet paper. Since bidets produce less solid waste, there won’t be any overworking in the sewage system.

However, if the fact that bidets use water makes you feel uneasy about their sustainability, don’t be. About 37 gallons of water are needed to make a single toilet paper roll. 

The pulp must be cleaned and prepared with water, and more water is wasted because of the chemicals used to bleach and brighten the paper contaminating the water.

According to MIT, the average toilet paper roll weighs 0.5 pounds. Fifty-six rolls would be consumed annually when the average American ate 28 pounds of food. It takes 2072 gallons of water a year to use 56 toilet paper rolls.

The typical amount of water a bidet uses per wash is an eighth of a gallon. What an eco-friendly practice, right?

Ending Note 

Regarding frontal and posterior hygiene, a bidet toilet seat offers several benefits, including improved hygienic standards, reduced environmental impact, and skin-friendly properties.

Bidets perform significantly better than toilet paper and wet wipes in the areas of affordability and sustainability. Bidets are also more eco-friendly as they preserve water and the earth.

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