Three Lesser Discussed Ways of Recycling Old Mattresses

As a responsible citizen, you should be worried about the environmental impacts of your actions. One way in which you can be a responsible citizen in this regard is by seeking help from professional recycling services such as Recyc-Matelas mattress recycling. Such companies buy old mattresses from people, process them, convert them into harmless reusable objects, or repair them and resell them. 

However, there are also other ways in which you can recycle old mattresses without any external help. This article discusses three easy ways in which you can personally recycle your mattresses and benefit from them. 

  • Sell Them

Many people can’t afford new mattresses. If your mattress is in relatively good shape you can just wash it and sell it on any online secondhand shop. 

Nowadays you can easily sell your old mattresses on Craigslist and even Facebook Marketplace. Instead of burning your mattresses, it’s better to benefit from them by selling them at a lower price to people who may need them. 

This is a very reasonable way of getting rid of not just mattresses, but anything that you no longer want to or need to use.

  • Donate Them

Everyone donates to a certain extent, and they should. If you can’t afford to buy new mattresses for needy people you can at least help them by donating your old mattresses to them. 

You can find many needy people in your local community and donate your mattresses to them. You can also search for a local shelter and other nonprofit organizations that accept and need mattresses. 

However, as a responsible citizen, you must first make sure that the mattress is in good shape and not infested with bugs. Your mattress, which you no longer think can comfort you, can still comfort a lot of needy and deserving people. 

  • Refashion Them

With a little creativity, you can get crafty with your mattresses and turn them into usable objects. For example, you can use your old mattress as seat cushions. 

Cut them according to the size of the cushions you need, and you will get free seat cushions. You can take help from Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest for ideas in this regard.


Not many people know that mattresses also can lead to pollution. Yes, the mattresses that you are using are made of material that, if not recycled properly, can lead to pollution, landfills, and other ecological problems. 

Most people just dump their old mattresses or burn them when they are no longer fit for use. These are easy but irresponsible ways of getting rid of old mattresses. 

On the contrary, you can sell, donate, or refashion your old mattresses and benefit from them either directly or indirectly.  

Jackie Taylor