How to Organise a Garage Sale Before Moving

How to Organise a Garage Sale Before Moving

Changing properties is all about opportunity. A fresh start with new goals and perspectives can turn one’s life around.

Speaking of opportunities, maybe it is time to eliminate some of the old stuff you have been hanging on for too long. 

Organising a garage sale before your move allows you to declutter, organise the rest of your belongings and earn some money. This can help pay for a house removals company to get you to your new home. 
Not to mention that you can save up on some of those costs, which will greatly reduce your stress and moving expenses.

Set a date

Setting up a date for your sale is important for marketing purposes and ensuring that you are still within your planned schedule for moving house. Ideally, your garage sale should begin three to four weeks before the date you have planned for moving out.

When choosing the time for your sale, consider that multi-day and weekend events usually attract more people. Try to make sure you are as flexible as possible with your time so that anyone interested in joining may come in.

The bigger the garage sale, the more impact it will make. It may be a good idea to check with your neighbours if they want to join the fun and organise a team bazaar.

Ensure that you go through your local newspaper and social media to check if there isn’t anything else planned for those dates that may prevent people from stopping by.

Organise the sale well

Have you ever been to a warehouse? With all the chaos and piles on top of piles, you have absolutely no idea what is what. Think about the last time you went to the local store or supermarket. Everything is within arm’s reach, so you can easily find what you need.

Which option would you choose for your garage sale? The answer is obvious. The items that you believe have the best value should be easily spotted from afar. The rest you should neatly arrange to not get in each other’s way.

Ensure that everything is arranged based on the theme it follows. Gardening tools should be in the gardening section, where any fitness equipment should be where the sports items are.

If you have books or DVDs to sell, you may sort them by genre so buyers can purchase more of their needs.

Ask friends and family for help

While you can set up a yard sale, including your friends and family is always a good idea. This will be a bonding experience for everyone, and they can be instrumental in helping you out.

Sometimes it is hard to look at your stuff and decide you no longer need it. Reach out to people who know you well, as they can assist you in looking objectively at what you need to let go of.

If you cling to nostalgia, you may never truly use the opportunity to declutter your closet.

Put a pierce tag on everything

Now that you know what you will sell, it is time to set a price tag. You don’t want to get rid of items just for the sake of it and sell them too cheaply, but you also don’t want to put a price tag on your personal feelings towards certain items.

Be honest with what you are selling and dig online to determine the costs of items. A realistic price tag will help you sell as many items as possible.

Be ready to negotiate

Consider that haggling is part of the experience of garage sales. Prepare yourself to go into disputes and small arguments over the price. Fight for what you should get, but don’t be too stubborn and compromise when needed.

At the end of the day, the goal is to both raise some extra money and get rid of unwanted stuff.


You need to spread the word if you plan on a big garage sale. Consider reaching out to your local newspaper.

You must take advantage of your social media contacts as well. Spread the word through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may also organise an event.

Be sure to mention the date, time and location so people know when and where to shop. You can include some of the rarest, most valuable items that will be included in your sale to increase interest.

Last but not least, a few signs or flyers around the neighbourhood won’t hurt your campaign and goals.

Free up your sale space

Make sure you leave plenty of space to include as many different items as possible, as people find interest in all sorts of things.

Consider the number of people you expect to show up and try to leave enough room so the space does not get overcrowded, especially during the sale’s peak hours.

Keep inventory

If you have a lot of small or similar items, you may want to be able to bundle them together. Showcase only one at a time while keeping the rest tucked away. After all, you want to showcase as many of your items as possible, but you must also ensure plenty of variety.

Keep an eye on what gets sold and try to restock it as soon as possible if you still have items. You can also keep some small gift packages in your inventory to complement bigger purchases.

Donate items you haven’t sold

Once you have finished with the entire event, take the time to reflect on what you managed to sell and what remains.

If you still have some stuff you don’t need, but it is in good condition and can be used, consider donating to a local charity. This can also make your moving much more eco-friendly than if you simply tossed the stuff in the garbage.


A garage sale can be both a fun and rewarding event for the entire family. It will make house removals easier and give you plenty of space at your new home.

To ensure your sale goes well, don’t do it on a whim, but plan for it in advance and enjoy it. This will be one of the last memories of your old home that you will look back upon fondly.

Matthew Guido