Spice Up Your Outdoor Space With Artificial Grass

Wishing to put in some new life and spice up the bare look of your outdoor spaces like your lawn, backyard, pavement, or even a small balcony is quite easy and within your reach. It takes a bit of effort and you can revitalize your outdoor experience with some greenery. No, we are not talking about the green grass, but it is about putting up artificial grass, which is a fantastic alternative to the live green lush that can style your landscape.

The best option for artificial turf

Artificial grass not only requires low maintenance but also offers different ways to explore and create a new greener world for your outdoors. If you are looking for some good options, check Go Turf, a professional artificial grass company that is located in Houston, Texas. This synthetic turf installation company has been offering the finest made artificial grass in the US since 2005.

The company has decades of industry experience and a proven successful history of getting the job done perfectly the first time. While other turf companies offer low-cost inferior quality turf, Go-Turf offers the best turf that looks good, lasts long, and drains as well.

Check their website for design and installation appointments. Get free quotes and design estimates.

Benefits of artificial grass

  • Needs minimal maintenance.
  • Stays green throughout the year.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Perfect for kids and pets
  • Gives a lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Conserves water
  • Eliminates pests and insects

Tips for using artificial grass

Synthetic grass comes in all kinds of shades, heights, and thicknesses that make it most perfect for homeowners who wish to experiment with something beyond the traditional green yard. Check these creative ideas.

Use planters with colorful flowers

Artificial grass means no need of dealing with weeds, insects, and pests and endless watering, trimming, and mowing and you can still have the colorful blooms. Plant your favorite flowers, herbs, and any other plant in pots and planters.

Different shades of grass

There is no need to settle in with the basic green color. Indulge in trying out different shades, and patterns of artificial grass. Make a visual statement with designs like hopscotch, square, or check patterns.

Introduce additional features

You can put in sculptures, fountains, and stepping stones as an excellent addition to your artificial grass. Since the synthetic turf has a porous backing, be assured the water splashes and excess liquid is drained into the subsoil.

Customizing the use of artificial grass

It is impractical to grow and maintain real grass in balconies, rooftop gardens, and interior courtyards. Artificial turf can be used for bringing greenery to such places.

  • You can put an artificial grass rug set under the coffee table on your balconies or rooftop gardens.
  • Install an artificial turf in the driveways or between flagstones where you park your car for a convincing effect of real grass.
  • Set in between the pavers for a soft look.
  • Install it under the kids’ swing in the backyard to make it a landing pad but keep it away from direct sun as it can make the turf warm for kids to play.

Artificial synthetic grass is the best choice to provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the outdoors or even indoor space of your home.

Nicholas Lewis