With the warmer months comes an increased risk of air conditioning breakdowns that are costly to repair. Rather than face the likelihood of a season full of discomfort, it is best to take steps now to keep your equipment running efficiently throughout summer.

Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance

1. Check your air filters.

Check your air filters at least once a month to ensure clean and in good working order. Dirty filters restrict airflow and make your system work harder to maintain the correct temperature, increasing its energy use and shortening its lifespan.

2. Change out or clean dirty coils or blowers.

When replacing coil covers or accumulators, it is essential to check that condenser coils are clean of debris such as leaves and bird droppings since this can keep the unit from functioning correctly during the summer months.

3. Adjust your thermostat.

You can help maintain efficiency by adjusting the thermostat to keep it set at a comfortable temperature. However, do not over-set your thermostat as this could harm the unit and result in a breakdown. Always check with your HVAC professional before adjusting the thermostat higher than recommended by manufacturers.

4. Rotate Air Conditioning Units to Equalize Cooling Output.

If you are using multiple units, it is essential to rotate your teams so that they’re not running at the same time when they are operating. It can result in one unit having too much load to begin with, which will result in heat buildup inside.

5. Check your HVAC for proper seals and safety features.

If it has a safety feature to prevent over-pressuring during peak AC usage, always make sure this is operational before turning your system on. Also, check for any cracks or leaks in the sealing components inside the condenser or evaporator coils of the HVAC unit that could lead to leaks and decreased efficiency.

6. Check your outdoor condensate pump.

Accessing your condensate pump is also very important in ensuring the proper functionality of your system. If it is not functioning correctly, this can damage the unit and should be replaced immediately.

7. Have your HVAC unit serviced at least twice a year.

HVAC systems require the intervention of professional technicians to operate correctly. Hiring a professional who possesses the proper certifications and training will help ensure your system will run efficiently throughout the summer. It can also help identify potential problems that could arise in the future should you decide to wait until a problem appears to have it fixed.

8. Do not use flammable or combustible insulation products.

While insulating your HVAC system effectively lowers energy costs, the wrong type of material can pose a significant fire hazard risk. Some insulation products contain materials that emit toxic fumes when they burn, which can harm the unit and cause it to fail. It is essential to check with your professional HVAC technician regarding proper insulation products.


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