The Best Neighborhoods To Buy A Home In Lake Minnetonka

Are you looking for a place to call home in Minnesota? Look no further than Lake Minnetonka. Located only 10 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, residents have access to both worlds, quiet lake life combined with all the nearby major city facilities. With its stunning scenery, and lovely, diverse community, it is no wonder that Lake Minnetonka real estate is highly sought-after by tourists and locals alike. Read on to discover some of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in this city.

Glen Lake

Glen Lake is a lovely neighborhood situated on the beautiful Glen Lake. This area offers a range of housing options, including townhouses, condos, and single-family homes to suit various budgets and lifestyles.

With its great parks, schools, and thriving local enterprises, Glen Lake is the perfect place for young professionals and families. You will appreciate waking up to breathtaking lake views and a sense of community.


Groveland, located close to the shores of Lake Minnetonka, is an exclusive neighborhood, renowned for its luxury estates and great lake views. The neighborhood has a strong feeling of community, with residents often congregating for activities and events. The strong demand for properties in this area guarantees appreciation for real estate investors.

Minnetonka Mills

Minnetonka Mills is an iconic neighborhood with a solid history that dates to the 19th century. Today, the area offers a nice blend of lovely older homes and contemporary buildings, drawing a diverse range of homebuyers.

Besides, this neighborhood has several trails, parks, and the well-known Minnetonka Mills Park, rendering it a great pick for outdoor lovers. Living here allows you to appreciate this area’s history and one-of-a-kind vibe. 

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll is a quiet, family-friendly community comprising townhouses and single-family homes. With its stellar reputation for great educational institutions, the neighborhood is a favorite among families with kids. Residents love the strong feeling of community and peaceful, tree-lined streets that Oak Knoll offers.

West Oaks

West Oaks is a newer community that features a mix of condos, single-family homes, and townhomes. The area is popular among young professionals and families because of its great schools, recreational facilities, and parks. West Oaks also impresses with its proximity to the city and its tight-knit community.

Minnetonka Beach

Minnetonka Beach is an upscale neighborhood situated on Lake Minnetonka’s shoreline. The neighborhood is well-known for its opulent houses, breathtaking lake views, and great schools, making it a favorite choice for wealthy families and professionals. Highly experience and knowledgeable Lake Minnetonka MN real estate agent Zane Petersen can help you explore the area to find a truly luxurious property.

Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is a quiet, premier neighborhood featuring single-family homes and townhomes. This area is well-known for its gorgeous wooded properties, which provide inhabitants with a serenity, and sense of privacy. Woodland Hills also has a private golf club, which features fine dining and entertainment experiences.

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